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Hire a Writer, CopyWriter, Content Writer, Freelance Now!

Hire a writer, Copywriter, Proofreader, Outsource through oDesk!

Hire a writer, copywriter, proofreader, online content provider, content marketer, blogger, writer, copy-editor, editor, social media marketer, translator, or PR consultant. Because of the changes with Google and Semantic Search every business owner, website developers needs freelancer writers, content providers, content markets. Hire them through oDesk.

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Why Use oDesk?

There are many reasons why oDesk is a perfect solution for companies looking for freelance specialist. First oDesk verifies who you are hiring. They require that freelancers provide their legal names in their profiles.

Your business and or website is your asset, which you have invested time and money. You want to know who you are hiring. If something goes wrong. You need to be able to reach out and address the issue. If you hire a writer through craigslist. There is no way to verify who you are hiring. Or resolve problems if they arise.

How do you know if the content you purchase is spun content (poor quality computer generated)? Or was it once sold to a competing website or company? With oDesk you know the person has been verified. And oDesk has strict guidelines. If problems arise you contact oDesk to arbitrate. Freelancers can be banned from the service. Depending on the situation you can get your money back. You can not do that on craigslist. 

Jobs between the freelancer and the contractor are often reviewed by one or both parties. If there is a problem a poor review can affect future employment as well as the hourly rate which a freelancer can command. 

  • oDesk is accredited by the BBB has an A+ rating. They posted 1.5 million jobs in 2012. Yet only have had 73 closed complaints with the BBB in the past three years. That is a very good record.
  • oDesk offers a Contractors community, help center, support. And its a source for more than just writers. You can find, website developers, logo designers, SEO specialists, mobile app developers and other freelancers.
  • You have the opportunity to hire specialist for specific tasks and vet them throughly.

Many companies have found oDesk is more cost-efficient than traditional staffing agencies, or recruiters. Using the platform reduces costs, increases your business's productivity, and your bottom line.

Most likely you found this site because you posted an add for a writer on craigslist. The writer informed you they work through oDesk and asked you to come to this site, and sign up. Then hire the writer who responded to your ad on craigslist. oDesk is a smart choice. It offers protections for both you, the contractor, as well as the other party. It's a win win situation for everyone.

Both you and the writer who responded to your ad are most likely oDesk "newbies". This means you both need each other if you are looking to use the platform over time to grow your business. When any job is posted on oDesk both the contractor (you) and the freelancer are able to see each others history on oDesk. Freelancers and contractors who have used oDesk for months or years tend to hire or be employed by contractors and freelancers who have records of solid successful relationships, great reviews, spending histories, and mutually successful experiences.

Being a newbie contractor or freelancer has its disadvantages. But you have to start somewhere. And the advantages of using oDesk over time far outweigh the initial bumps. The writer who has contacted you has been verified by oDesk, created a profile and posted examples of their work. And they also most likely have takes skill tests. There are many opportunities to verify their abilities.

Watch this video. The man who created it had spent $50,000 on oDesk in less than a year. He has good tips to offer. Click on the oDesk banner sign up. Find the writer you sent you the link to this website in oDesk. And start using the best freelance contractor outsourcing platform on the Internet today with projected grow of 60% year over year. Try and find that in this economy!

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